Monday, March 22, 2010

Automated Web Services Testing - An Interview With Matt Krapivner of SmartPilot Software

As more and more companies face decisions about automating their testing, it's important to understand some of the pitfalls of automation and explore methods that avoid those pitfalls. Likewise, we need to find mature open source testing tools that help bend the test automation curve in the right direction. In previous articles, we've written about model-based and keyword-driven testing, each promising to reduce test automation script maintenance costs while increasing effectiveness (coverage). As I've searched for answers in this areas, I've sought examples of how others have approached test automation as a way of benchmarking good ideas. Recently, I've had the good fortune to meet a practitioner who has pursued new and more effective approaches to test automation. His name is Matt Krapivner and his consultancy business has provided a very impressive test automation framework to a local Web 2.0 company.

We interviewed Matt recently and talked to him about the new approach he's using with his current client and how it's a step up from traditional test automation practices.