Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mozilla releases Firefox 14.0.1

Mozilla released the next update to it's Firefox browser to version 14.0.1 for both desktop and mobile today. The updates include several new features and bug fixes for each version.

The main new features for the desktop version include Google searches that now feature HTTPS, full screen support for Mac OS X Lion, changes to plugin configurations to allow for only loading on click, and auto-completion of typed URLs in the "Awesome Bar." Security updates include an improved site identity manager to "prevent spoofing of an SSL connection with favicons" and various bug fixes.

The new features for the mobile version include the better support for Flash, faster start-up and page load times, a redesigned interface, better text readability through font size inflation, and a new panning/zooming architecture meant to improve touch responsiveness. Note that while Flash is now supported for phones, tablets are still out of luck, and devices with less than Android 2.2 no longer meet the minimum specs at all.

Launching Firefox should return a prompt to update the browser, but if you haven't checked out Firefox yet you can click here to download the desktop version of Firefox. On Android devices you can find by searching for Firefox in the Google Play Store, or you can click here to check out the browser-based store page. If you're interested in the full release notes you can find them for both desktop and mobile at Firefox release notes page.