Monday, November 5, 2012

Report: 66% of Mobile Apps Inadequately Tested

There's a very interesting recent article at about how most companies are not testing their mobile apps thoroughly due to a lack of resources, tools and appropriate methods. Here at RTL we have also seen companies struggle to find effective techniques and test tools to manage software development in the mobile era.  As a result, software quality is suffering:
Organizations are struggling to manage the challenges of the mobile era, with only a few currently testing their mobile applications, according to Capgemini. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

The End of Flash for Mobile?

As of August 15, Adobe Flash Player has been removed from the Google Play store.  Those who already have Flash installed on their mobile devices will continue to receive security updates.  Those devices which have not completed Adobe's certification testing requirements (according to Adobe this includes most devices which do not come with Flash pre-installed from the manufacturer) will not be able to acquire it in the future. Support for Flash has been dropped by all versions of Android beyond 4.0.x (ICS).  Although this change does not immediately affect a large portion of users (some statistics show as few as 1.8% of users are currently on version 4.1), this presents a significant shift in the future of web development for the mobile platform.