Friday, July 10, 2009

DeployStudio HOWTO - Installing on Mac OS 10.5

Our first article on DeployStudio came about because we needed a replacement for NetRestore at RTL (Using DeployStudio For Imaging and Restoring OS X Setups for Testing). Subsequently, we wrote a second article with a very useful tutorial video (DeployStudio 101 Tutorial). Now having used this tool at RTL for awhile now, we've honed our setup process and can share that with you in this article.

The steps below will guide you through the setup process for using DeployStudio with Mac OS 10.5. What you will end up with is a DeployStudio drive that can boot on both PPC and Intel Macs.

  1. Partition an External Firewire Drive to Apple Partition Map.
  2. Install Mac OS 10.5 (does not have to be Server, though it could be) on the external drive from a PPC machine*.
  3. Boot into the OS X installed.
  4. Download the latest build of Deploy Studio.
  5. Install Deploy Studio, ensuring it's installed on the External drive OS.
  6. Launch DeployStudio Assistant (Applications > Utlities).
  7. Click Start if prompted to start the DeployStudioServer service.
  8. Select Set up a DeployStudio Server and press continue.
  9. Enter a User Name and Password (It shouldn't be necessary to change the address) and press continue.
  10. Select a local folder and press Continue.
  11. Locate the desired Folder location (e.g. a created folder /Images) and press Open.
  12. Press Continue through the rest of the wizard, leaving options as default.
  13. Quit DeployStudio Assistant.
  14. Launch DeployStudio Admin (Applications >Utilities).
  15. Select Workflows from the left sidebar.
  16. Remove (select and hit del) Install a package (pkg) and Triple-OS restoration.
  17. Quit DeployStudio Admin.
  18. Copy any desired existing images to the /Masters/HFS/ folder inside the folder selected for step 10.
  19. (Optional) Place DeployStudio Runtime in dock for future use.

*If Mac OS 10.5 is installed on the drive from an Intel Mac, PPC based Macs will not be able to boot into it.

External references:
How to make a Universally Bootable External Drive
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