Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mobile Device Application Testing Coverage Expands

The mobile device app space is expanding quickly. Testing for compatibility across different devices within a platform family and across platforms is becoming increasingly complex. Where will development and testing organizations draw the line?

Microsoft luring iPhone developers for Zune apps Developers being offered money to port their apps? If they are successful in luring iPhone developers, you can bet that these apps will need to be tested on both platforms. Are we entering another phase of supporting apps on multiple platforms?

Second webOS-Based Smartphone May Be Delayed Probably news to most that Palm's second webOS device is called the Palm Eos. Was to be available this fall and supposedly smaller than the Palm Pre. Will there be a significant update to webOS when the new devices arrive?

Microsoft Renaming Windows Mobile as Windows Phone
Windows Mobile, or WinMo, is expected to change names (WinPho?), probably to reflect Microsoft's new emphasis on its Zune and the mobile device market, particularly the iPhone market.

Dell Confirms Mobile Device Development Based on the rumors, this will expand the Android app market. Looks a lot like the iPhone in this picture.

Samsung's TouchWiz App Development Kit Hobbles Into the Light Samsung's TouchWiz app dev kit is out and it looks like it immediately expands compatibility testing across 3 different smartphone operating systems, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Samsung's own.


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