Monday, November 9, 2009

iPhone Development Basics - Memory Management Part 5

This week is the final video from Mark Johnson on iPhone memory management. In case you missed any of the previous videos, here's a list of the articles we've posted with Mark's first 4 memory management videos:
iPhone Development Basics - Memory Management Part 1
iPhone Development Basics - Memory Management Part 2
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iPhone Development Basics - Memory Management Part 4
As in the previous articles, I've listed some suggested questions you might want to ask your development team in regards to memory management. Today's video offers specific situations when an app might crash because of memory problems. It would be particularly useful to ask your developers why this could happen - it may help them avoid these situations.

Suggested questions for Part 5:
(4:21min) What does it mean to call dealloc to the super class?
(4:41min) What is a leaking object?
(5:29min) Supposedly there are two types of memory bugs - releasing an object that is already deleted and forgetting to send a release. Why does the first one cause a crash and the second one just a memory leak?
(7:26min) What does it mean that there is only around 12MB of memory for an app before memory is increased?


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