Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Highlights from GTAC 2011

Videos from the 2011 Google Test Automation Conference have been made available. 2011 marks the 6th iteration of this annual gathering of some of the brightest minds in test development and theory. This video features two developers who touch on the latest and greatest open source web testing tools from Google. They address how to effectively streamline the more labor intensive and repetitive testing tasks, allowing testers greater creativity and freedom.

Primarily featured is progress with BITE (Browser Integrated Testing Environment), a testing tool integrated with the Chrome OS. One important function of BITE is the ability to record and playback the test procedure with support for outputs in JavaScript, "Plain English" translation of each action, and image capture. BITE also features a streamlined interface for making procedural updates to deal with changes such as new product builds, allowing testers to easily fix broken tests due to outdated code.

The video also discusses the development of quality bots and how to effectively harmonize bot and crowd testing.

You can view the complete collection of videos from this conference here.
Read more about BITE here.


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