Tuesday, July 5, 2011

STAR West 2011 - Google Tools

James Whittaker will be giving the keynote at StarWest this year. We always enjoy seeing Mr. Whittaker talk about his ideas on testing; his books How to Break Software and Exploratory Software Testing have been a core part of our test engineer training for years. But as he points out, there is another enticing draw at StarWest this year: back to back testing tutorials from Google.

"Ankit Mehta has the afternoon session on "Testing Rich Internet AJAX-based Applications...Jason Arbon and Sebastian Schiavone are presenting a track talk on "Google's New Methodology for Risk Driven Testing" and will be demonstrating some of the latest tools coming out of Google Test Labs." Read his full post here.

Effective testing is fundamentally an exercise in risk reduction, and Arbon and Schiavone will present the methodology they use at Google called ACC: Atributes, Components, Capabilities. Should be a fascinating presentation.


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