Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Apple releases OS X 10.7.3 with Safari 5.1.3

Apple has released the 10.7.3 update for the OS X operating system. The update, which mainly involves bug fixes, "includes general operating system fixes that improve the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac," according to the OS X 10.7.3 release notes page.

The biggest new features include support for several new languages, including Catalan, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, and Ukrainian, and better RAW image compatibility with more digital cameras.

While the update includes a new version of Apple's web browser Safari -- version 5.1.3, to be precise -- as of this writing Apple has yet to release a list of changes in the update for the browser and it is, as yet, unavailable for other OS versions, including OS X 10.7.2.

For instructions on how to update to 10.7.3 and the full release notes, head over the About the OS X Lion v10.7.3 Update page.


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