Friday, October 9, 2009

How Hot Is The iPhone Application Development Market?

We've just returned from the STARWEST 2009 software testing conference. While there we talked to hundreds of testing and QA people. And as we shared with them our outsource testing services and our new product, myQMT, we asked them what their iPhone development plans were. Since we both develop and test iPhone applications, we were interested in how many were developing for the iPhone market. What we found out was that most companies were planning an iPhone app. And this information was coming from their QA folks.

Today I have some links to articles that provide some insight on how hot this market is becoming:

39% average growth was experienced by most developers from adding mobile application development to their business models. NATIONAL SURVEY RESULTS: Developers Shift Business Model To Ride iPhone App Wave Developers and entrepreneurs change course and thrive as iPhone app development increases

University of Utah researchers created new iPhone programs. iPhone the body electric

The exploding iPhone Application development community. iPhoneAppQuotes Forges Strategic Partnership with Appular

American heavy metal band Metallica has launched a new iPhone application to allow fans to listen to its live show recordings on the move. Metallica launches iPhone application for fans

The App Store taps the creative energy of entrepreneurial developers. From cars to TVs, apps are spreading to the real world

Mercedes-Benz joins other consumer-oriented companies, including Pizza Hut, Kraft, and Whole Foods, in developing apps for customers.
Mercedes-Benz Launches iPhone App


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