Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top 10 iPhone Groups On LinkedIn

Last month we posted an article on the Top 10 Software Testing and QA Groups On LinkedIn. Since I also belong to an iPhone group (iPhone Developers - on LinkedIn, I thought I'd look to see if there were enough iPhone groups for a similar Top 10 list. As it turns out, there are plenty of iPhone and mobile device groups on LinkedIn and definitely enough to round out a Top 10 list.

Based on membership, the Top 10 11 iPhone groups on LinkedIn are:
  1. iPhone Developers Connection (424 members): This group intends to connect iPhone developers, designers, and entrepreneurs with each other. It intends to serve as platform for members to be able to share exclusive info, get peer reviews, get lead user feedback on apps, discuss projects etc.
  2. iphone developers worldwide (463 members): Worldwide group for professionals in iphone application development. Contact others, share ideas, business and job opportunities.
  3. Cocoa Touch - iPhone Technology Users Group (568 members): Cocoa Touch Developers Network for software developers, managers and marketing professionals working with the Cocoa Touch platform for iPhone and iPod touch.
  4. Mad4iPhone - The official iPhone users group (614 members): Connect with the Mad4iPhone community today! Discover 3rd party solutions. This is a constantly growing, online, independent iPhone user group...a network of users and professionals. Solve iPhone problems. Get solutions. Give advice. Connect with other users and experts.
  5. iPhone Dev Team (619 members): For all iPhone developers.
  6. Apple iPhone Enthusiasts (1,290 members): This group is for iPhone enthusiasts. A place to share news, experiences, thoughts and cool things about this wonderful device from Apple.
  7. iPhone & Android Applications: Marketing & Outsourcing (1,327 members): This group is dedicated to iPhone and Android Application Development Outsourcing and Marketing. Promote your iPhone Product application through App store. Also find professional Companies / Freelancers / Developers to outsource Android & iPhone games and application projects. Share information on technical, consulting and application issues. Discuss Unbiased iPhone App Reviews.
  8. iPhone Developer's Group (1,801 members): To help find iPhone developers to share information on iPhone technical, consulting and application issues.
  9. Cocoa and Cocoa Touch Developers (2,076 members): This group it to create a network and direct contact between Cocoa and Cocoa Touch developers. It is designed for iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac OS X developers.
  10. iPhone Group (3,306 members): iPhone Users Group, Fans, Lovers and customizers of iphone for everyday usage.
  11. iPhone Developers - (7,754 members): Community for iPhone Developers to share, learn, and network. The resource for connecting professionals with experience in developing, selling, marketing, managing, supporting and/or creating new businesses around the iPhone.


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