Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Agile Testing as a 3rd-party Vendor

Agile software development is a strategy that is quickly gaining traction in workplaces all over the world. It focuses on fast-paced, iterative development requiring a breakdown in the traditional processed approach to phase-based release cycles.

Agile software development is unique in that it treats testing as an integral part of continuous development cycles, rather than a phase of development that takes place after coding is finished. Testing in an agile workplace requires a great amount of flexibility, potentially drawing from any test area in a single pass. As such, this strategy thrives in environments where testing and development teams can closely collaborate to achieve effective results.

Applying agile in a third-party test house can prove challenging given certain circumstances of a test cycle. Out-of-house, resources may not be instantly available and immediate communication may not always be possible. In these situations, it is critical to maintain an adaptable approach to the test procedure. The rapid development cycles of agile development often can mean new features slipping into builds without a contingency for coverage.

Here at RTL, the ability to flexibly switch between scripted and targeted ad-hoc testing is particularly helpful during periods in which communication with developers is inconsistent. When given multiple builds in a day, maintaining the expected level of coverage becomes the primary concern. Tracking metrics are a key tool for determining which areas of risk need continued attention and how much when done in conjunction with new features or test areas.

Although it may not be considered "true agile" working as a dedicated testing team, we strive to integrate ourselves into the client's development process as much as possible and have found our adaptable test practices can exceed the requirements and expectations of a committed agile development team.


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This article provides practical insights and real-world examples that can be valuable for individuals and organizations looking to implement Agile testing strategies in a third-party vendor environment.
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It provides insights into how a dedicated testing team can align with agile practices and deliver exceptional results.
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This blog provides valuable insights into the challenges and benefits of applying agile testing as a third-party vendor. It highlights the importance of adaptability and collaboration in achieving effective results. Kudos to RTL for their commitment to exceeding client expectations!
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Advisor Uncle said...

Agile software development is an interesting approach that I'm glad to see gaining popularity. It seems like a great way to deliver software that meets the needs of users quickly and efficiently.

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